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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Submit for Your Huggies Rebate!

Don't forget to submit your 2009 receipts for Huggies jumbo diapers to Caregivers Marketplace for your rebate of $0.75 per pack! I saved my receipts all year and just submitted them for a rebate of $27! Woo hoo! I explain more about this program here and here. They are giving rebates for both the old and new packs of Huggies diapers from 2009. If you'd like a copy of the email they sent to me stating that fact, email me and I will forward it to you. I printed it off and included it with my rebate form, just in case. Go here to download the 2009 form. You need to have 5 products in order to submit for a rebate. Pull-Ups, GoodNites, Cottonelle flushable wipes, Balmex, and more are also included in the 2009 rebate. 2009 rebates must be postmarked by 1/31/10.

I just looked at the 2010 form, and Huggies products are no longer on the list!! They still have Balmex and Cottonelle Wipes listed, but alas, the diaper program has ended. It was good while it lasted. . . (sigh)!


Michelle said...

I've been so busy looking at your old stuff I missed your new post! OOPS!

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