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Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekly Groceries

I did go to Aldi this week because I had several staple items that I needed to get there. I spent $20.10 on 23 items. I got 4 lbs of oranges, 3 lbs of Tangerines, 2 grapefruit, 2 bags of dried fruit, 4 packs of tortillas, Whole milk for F, pudding, 2 packs of macaroni and cheese (I haven't bought this in forever and the girls have been asking for it), kidney beans, chili beans, refried beans x2, black beans x2, tortilla chips, hamburger buns, and hot dog buns.

Then I went to the grocery store on double coupon day to grab some deals. I spent $53.31 on 57 items with a savings of $65.15 or 55%.These items were better than free after doubled coupons: Bagel Bites x2 (made $0.68), Coffeemate x2 (made $2.02)

These items were $1 or less: Freshlike green beans, garlic loaves x3, Pillsbury Crescent rolls x4, Pillsbury Sweet Rolls x2, Dannon yogurt x6, Bananas, Onions, Carrots, Cookie dough x2, kidney beans x2, Betty Crocker mashed potatoes, Ramen x4, bread x3.

I also bought 6 boxes of ziploc bags of various sizes, string cheese, 4 lbs. of apples, 4 gallons of milk, lettuce, broccoli, 2 bottles of V8 Fusion juice, and 6 Tombstone Pizzas.

My overall total for groceries this week was $73.41 because of my stock-up trip to Aldi, which I don't do every week. I usually go to Aldi about once a month (sometimes twice) for some items that I know I can get cheaper there than at the grocery store.

Did you get some good deals this week?


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