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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sugary Cereal Mom Tip

One thing you may not know about me--I am a cereal mixer! Our family has been mixing cereal and oatmeal for years, but it occurred to me that many of you might not know this tip. Like most kids, ours like sugary cereals (okay, adults often do too!). To cut down on the sugar, we always mix a more sugary cereal with a healthier cereal (like plain Cheerios or Kix). Often our girls will mix 3 or even 4 kinds of cereal in their bowls! This doesn't only cut down on the sugar, but it makes the "yummy" cereals last longer. Here, H has mixed Kix, Blueberry Special K, and plain Life (hey, she hit three cereal companies!).

We do the same thing with oatmeal. They pick a flavored oatmeal packet which we pour into a bowl, and then we add some plain minute oats before microwaving. Again, it makes the "yummy" oatmeal last longer and cuts down on the sugar content. Now Quaker makes some reduced sugar packets, but we still mix them with plain oatmeal (though we might add a sprinkle of cinnamon or some craisins to sweeten if it needs it).

We've been cutting down on the sugar content of our cereal for years, and now General Mills wants to help, which I think is great! My Blog Spark and General Mills recently sent me some free coupons to promote the fact that they are going to lower the sugar content in their cereals. If you would like more information about cereal and kids, you can visit Cereal Health and Wellness on the General Mills website. You can also get some good coupons for General Mills cereals by clicking here (you can print it twice).

My Blog Spark and General Mills provided the coupons, links and wellness information. I didn't need the free cereal coupons (I used internet printables on my cereal deal this week and still came out better than free!), so I shared them with a friend.


mva.gehrke said...

I feel the same way about the sugary cereals. I actually mix them as trail mix snacks. I serve them to my sons all the time that way or send them along for snack time. No milk required and easy to fix in a pinch!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

We make "trail mix" by mixing cereals, too. When we go on road trips, I just mix up a HUGE container of it and then I have saved some of those little Gerber baby food plastic containers with lids that I refill for the kids as needed. It works great!

daphnemomof9 said...

Great idea! It seems so obvious, now that I've heard it, but I never thought about it before. I have so many cereals that I got great deals on that are just sitting on the shelf. I'm going to give it a try.

Mommy Petersen said...

I started doing this with my daughter a couple months ago--more because she could never decide whih cereal she wanted--so some of each was the fall back. The 'suprise' cereal became the favorite of the house. It is a great way to sneak in something a bit more healthy!

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