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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last Chance To Vote--Boy or Girl??

Tomorrow is my ultrasound, so this is your last chance to register your vote! Will I be using the pink clothes for the fifth time or shopping for blue? Right now the votes are pretty even. I'll let you all know by Thursday what the results are (assuming baby will cooperate)! The poll is located on my blog, underneath our family picture. You should just be able to click to vote. It'll only take a second!

Just to let you know, my friend with the four girls who is also having her fifth baby in May didn't want to tell me the gender of her baby until I found out mine, but I couldn't stand it any longer so I MADE her tell me! It was so cute, she said, "We're REALLY good at one thing. . ." They are having girl #5! :-)


Angela said...

Aaaghhh!! We're dying to know! I was going to email you and let you know the single mitten may be the first boy hand-me down for your new baby.

I'll keep the other for you just in case. :)

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