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Friday, January 1, 2010

HOT Kraft Cheese Deal Through Saturday

If your family uses cheese at all, today and tomorrow are the days to stock up! I mentioned in my weekly shopping post about the Kraft catalina deal that started today (buy 5 Kraft products in one transaction, get a $5 OYNO catalina). It is such a good deal for cheese that I had to go!

I asked at the service desk if they had any more in-ad coupons for the $1/3 Kraft cheese. "If you have enough, I'd like 4 of the coupons, if I can," I asked. She came out with a huge stack of the ads and handed 4 over, no problem. I went back and grabbed 12 packs of 8 oz Kraft cheese, on sale 3/$4.98, (don't worry, there were plenty to choose from!) and did 2 transactions of 6 cheese each so I could roll the catalina. After 2 of the $1/3 coupons, the first transaction was $7.91 ($0.05 off for bringing my own bag) and I got a $5 catalina. The second transaction, after the 2 $1/3 coupons, was $2.96 because I used the previous $5 catalina, plus I got another $5 catalina to use next time.

So overall, my total was $10.87 for 12 packs of shredded cheese, plus I have a $5 OYNO catalina to use on next week's groceries! After the coupons and catalinas, it's like I paid $0.49 per 8 oz pack of cheese! That is a smokin' hot deal for cheese! Remember, cheese freezes well, so stock up on cheese for lasagna or other meals your family likes. The catalina deal lasts until 1/24, but this deal is the best through 1/2 because the cheese is on sale and because of the in-ad coupon that are only good through Saturday.


Cap said...

Hey Jess -

While I don't usually coupon (I buy 90% fresh veggies and those're usually dealt with in-store), sometimes when one interests me (now that I have a usable printer - and look! tons of parentheses!) I don't understand your abbreviations, like 'ONYO'. Have you ever made a glossary of terms? Maybe you could link it in the sidebar? It would help us senile readers.


Courtney said...

Is the catalina deal good at any grocery store or just the specific store you were at? I couldn't figure out which grocery store you were at.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

Per your suggestion, I did add some links to my sidebar to my Coupon 101 and Coupon Lingo posts. Hope that helps!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

I'm so sorry, I wasn't ignoring you but your comment went to spam for some reason! Anyway, from the catalina printout I have, it doesn't specify a store, so maybe it will work. I don't know--I guess try it if you feel brave? Let me know if it works elsewhere! :-)

Juli said...

What store do you shop at?

Jessica-MomForHim said...

My store is only located in the midwest. Where do you live?

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