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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Weekly Shopping

It was a slow week for deals at the grocery store, which is to be expected after so many good weeks in a row! I only did 2 transactions and doubled 10 coupons. 7 of those coupons were for the Steamers, for which I had a raincheck from 2 weeks ago. I spent $34.40 for 37 items and saved $47.39, a savings of 58% (savings divided by savings+OOP).These items were free: Smart Balance sour cream, Steamers x7, Asian Sensation Wontons, YoPlus x2, Fiber One x2

These items were $1 or less: New York garlic bread, Ready to Bake cookies x2, fajita seasoning x2, bananas

I also bought 4 gallons of milk, some lemon juice, 2 cans of Dole pineapple, white chocolate, powdered sugar, oranges, 2 parmesan cheese, and Kraft cheese x6 for $1.33 each. A catalina printed out letting me know about a Kraft pomotion from 1/1/10 to 1/24/10. Buy 5 Kraft cheese products in one transaction and get a $5 OYNO catalina coupon (a coupon for $5 off your next order that prints out at the register). This includes all kinds of Kraft cheese, Philadelphia cream cheese, Velveeta, Cracker Barrel, Cheez Whiz, Breakstone's, and Knudsen products. I may go back and buy some cheese on Friday or Saturday, because with the in-ad coupon (ask for it at the service desk), you get $1 off 3, and they are on sale 3/$4.98. Ask for 2 coupons, buy 6 cheese in one transaction, pay $7.96 and get a $5 catalina! What a great deal for cheese! Remember, you can put shredded cheese in the freezer so it will keep longer.

Because I was able to spend less this week, my average spending per week for December dropped to $47.93. My goal is to keep our average weekly spending around $50 a week. Your family's needs are different than mine, so your weekly average is probably different as well. My challenge to you is to make a goal of spending less per week and stick to it. What is your weekly shopping goal? Now is the perfect time to set one!


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