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Friday, December 18, 2009

H's First Piano Recital

H has been taking piano lessons from our friend Mrs. B. for a little over a year now, and she just had her first piano recital! She got dressed up in her Christmas dress, and I even let her wear one of my necklaces since it was a special occasion. She was SO excited! She prepared two songs, Away in a Manger and We Three Kings. H is not usually one to get up on stage (unlike G who loves the spotlight), so I wasn't sure how it would go--would she get nervous? I tried to prep her as much as I could, asking her if she felt confident about her songs. She replied, "I can play Away in a Manger with my eyes closed!" I said for a concert it's probably better to keep your eyes open! :-)

Recital night came and she was #6 on the program. There was a wide range of abilities there, from kids who had just started lessons to those who had obviously been playing for several years. H's turn came and she did a wonderful job! We were all so proud! Ted asked the kids afterwards what their favorite part was. M said "the notes". G said, "the music". H said, "When it was my turn to play!" The first thing she said when we got in the car was, "When can I do another recital?" I guess she wasn't nervous after all! :-) Click through to my blog to see two short videos of H playing her two songs. She looks so little and so grown up at the same time!


AJ King said...

She did great! And she didn't look at all nervous. Way to go!

Angela said...

Way to go H! That's amazing! It almost makes me want to get a piano...but not yet. :)

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