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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Weekly Groceries

I was excited about the Double Coupon Day Extravaganza yesterday, but with G's MRI and then yucky tummy, plus having company in town, I didn't have as much time to plan and shop. I didn't have as many coupons as I thought for things that I needed, so I only did 2 transactions and doubled 18 coupons (1 did not double). My total was $38.89, with a savings of $50.60, or 56%. This brings my average spending for December to $51.31 per week. I was shooting for an average close to $50 a week, and I did it! :-)These items were free: Cool-Whip x2, Jell-o x2, organic diced tomatoes x2, Eggbeaters

These items were $1 or less: Evaporated milk x4, eggs x2, Triscuits x2, frosting x3, gingerbread cookie mix, Frappuccino x2, Campbell's tomato soup x4, Steamfresh vegetables, bananas, Pillsbury crescents x2

I also bought 5 gallons of milk, broccoli, 4 blocks of cheese, 2 packages of sliced cheese, fruit cocktail, peaches, Edy's ice cream, egg nog x2 (special request by Ted--'tis the season!), and some Alexia snacks (they were supposed to be $0.50, but the coupon didn't double, so they were $1.50--oh well).


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