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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

YoPlus and FiberOne Coupons=Free Yogurt!

Here is a $1/1 YoPlus coupon for you to print off to get some better than free yogurt today on double coupon day! Thanks to Richelle for the idea of checking the Yoplait website. Here is a $1/1 Fiber One coupon as well. Unfortunately it wouldn't let me print either one of these because I have printed them in the past, but maybe they will work for some of you, so I wanted to pass it along just in case.

Richelle also asked about the "Do not double" wording on the coupons. This is a common question. That means the manufacturer will not pay double the value of the coupon. Instead, the store is offering the double because they want you to shop there. So even if the coupons say "do not double", they should double anyway. If a cashier questions you, just ask them to scan them and see what happens. They will double automatically. If they still question you, politely ask for a manager.

Happy Double Couponing today!
Come back and let me know what you scored! :-)


Richelle said...

Thanks Jessica! I did take all of those coupons to PNS and they doubled every one of them. :)

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