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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Save Your Diaper Receipts!!

Raise your hand if you buy diapers...and raise two hands if you buy diapers for more than one child like we do! I just found out about something FANTASTIC! I SO wish I had known about it before! Oh, you probably want to know what it is, don't you?The Caregivers Marketplace strives to ease some of the financial burden of caring for a loved one. This could be someone with diabetes or mobility issues, or even incontinence, which is where we come in. When you buy any of their approved products, from ANY store, save your receipt and mail it in to them for a partial rebate for those products. This is where being loyal to a certain brand of diapers will pay off, because Huggies and Pull-Ups are the only diapers that are approved. :-) You get $1 back for each pack of diapers you have a receipt for! This makes the recent price hikes for diapers a little easier to swallow.

Go to their website to check out which brands are approved. Then click on "Enroll" to sign up online, saving you some time. Then gather up your receipts and print out their "Cash Back Form". Fill it out with your new savings number and send it in with your receipts, then wait for your check! I went digging and was able to find receipts for 25 packs of Huggies and Pull-Ups that I have bought this year. Woo Hoo! That's $25 I didn't have before, enough for Hubby and I to go on a date! (in 4-6 weeks, after we receive the check, that is....Ooo, the anticipation!)

Thanks to Denise at The "Cent"sible Sawyer for sharing this tip! I know I'll be a little happier diapering my babies' bottoms from now on!


tinamcollins said...

Thanks for the great inforamtion! I saved it in my favorites and am going to tell my mom about it since her and my aunt help take care of my grandma. Most of the things she needs are on the approved list so why not save a little money in the process?
Thanks again!

cameron said...

this is great! I just took the time to do this and I saw that there are other products that we use and can get money back for too! Nature Made vitamins...Walgreen always has these BOGO and now, I can also get $1 back! Also, the diaper rash cream blamex gives you money back too...

Jessica said...

Great! Gotta love it when you get money back on things you use anyway!! :-)

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