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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mommy Brain

How do you explain "Mommy Brain" to a 5 year old? Today while I was making lunch H asked for some peaches. I told her peaches were a good idea and continued getting lunch together, rushing to get it on the table before F (the baby) woke up so that hopefully I could eat too (high hopes, I know). A few minutes later, we all sat down and prayed to eat. I then lifted my fork to my mouth and H said, "Mommy, I thought you were going to get us some peaches." I replied, "Oh, right. Sorry, honey, I forgot." She then said, almost under her breath, "Mommy, you need to learn some responsibility." WHAT?! She's kinda right, when we are perpetually forgetful, we should learn responsibility, but where does she get this stuff?

I was telling a friend this morning that I am always multi-tasking. With 4 kids 5 and under, I have to be. There's always several balls that I have to keep up in the air, and occasionally I drop one (like the peaches). I blame it on "Mommy Brain", which is partially true and not altogether surprising, but unfortunately it happens more frequently these days. Last week H said to me in a sad voice, "Mommy, you're not listening to me anymore." Ouch. Too many balls in the air. Time to drop them and take the time to listen.

While I was running errands this morning, Jill Briscoe was talking about listening. Really listening. It seems all these things are coming together today, which is never a coincidence!

God, thank you for giving me ears to hear. Help me to use them to listen.
Thank you also for children who bring us back to our knees.


Amber said...

Jessica, your post was refreshing to me, because even with two kids I share your struggle of forgetfulness and not listening. My husband has had to remind me several times in the last month to listen to my son --- sometimes I'll be doing... something... and I literally am nodding my head as he's talking but not hardly listening. It's so sad that I let "stuff" get in the way of listening to my child (or even husband). It's time to slow down!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post! I'm feeling less alone in this crazy multi-tasking, mommy-brain world! Lately, I find myself walking quickly to a certain room or place and then having to stand there awhile to remember what I was after or going to do. It's so easy to get caught up in making the house run smoothly & making sure it looks nice that you forget the important people in the house! It's definitely time to slow things down a bit and get back to basics!

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