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Monday, August 18, 2008

What a DAY!

Have you ever had one of those days? It all started normal enough...

We had breakfast, I started schoolwork with H and M wanted in on the action too. I helped her some with her "workbook", then left her to color while I helped H. M got marker on her fingers and that bothers her (I have girly girls, remember?). So I lifted M up to help her wash her hands, and while lifting her back down, one hand slipped so most of her weight was on one arm. I heard a crack and immediately thought she had fractured her arm. Of course I prayed that wasn't so, and everything looked normal, but after holding and consoling her for 10 minutes, it was apparent that something wasn't right. She was holding her arm and crying quite a bit. So to the doctor's office we went, calling Ted to meet us and canceling our plans for the day. The doctor looked it over and decided it was probably nursemaid's elbow, (kind of like pulling the elbow out of the socket) so she did a simple reduction. We waited to make sure M was okay, and sure enough, that did the trick. She's been fine ever since, using her arm normally and even putting weight on it 10 minutes later. We praise the Lord that it wasn't something more serious!

I thought that was enough excitement for one day, but apparently not...

Right after lunch, the girls asked me to chase them. Squeals of laughter filled the house until the inevitable happened. You guessed it: a collision! G and M smacked right into each other. Now this happens from time to time, but of course, today being "one of those days", it was more than just a bump. M's forehead hit G's cheekbone just right and immediately G had a black eye and quite a swollen cheekbone. Another call was made to the doctor's office to make sure I didn't have to take her in. Her eye seems fine and the swelling has gone down quite a bit with ice, but she still has a shiner. Oh, what the nurses must be thinking about me today!

Now some of you who have boys or more active and adventurous girls may be saying, "sounds like a normal day to me". And the rational side of me says that accidents like this happen all the time. However, my girls aren't usually this prone to injury, and to have two things happen in one day by lunchtime, it's been quite a day of excitement for us!

Thankfully it is now nap time, so hopefully nothing will happen for the next hour!


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