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Monday, August 25, 2008

3 Month Pictures

We're still not on a schedule or sleeping through the night, but we're trying to enjoy every minute, which is easier when she smiles with those big eyes!
My first child to not take a pacifier at all, and she doesn't suck her fingers either.
She is starting to find her hands to chew on her fists (or bib) and she loves to kick her feet up in the air and grab for them. She's as sweet as can be, don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

Awww those are such great pictures, she is so sweet! I love the fuzzy hair!
Did you do the pictures yourself or did you take her somewhere?

Leys said...


Amber said...

she is adorable!! Did you take those pictures or did you have them done somewhere? Gorgeous!!

Connie said...

Love the pictures. I agree, she is as cute as can be.
Blessings Today,

Cap said...

Wow, she looks like she has blue eyes. Does she?


Julie said...

What beautiful pictures. She is darling!

Jessica said...

Mother said:
"Oh Jessica, she is beautiful!!!! Those eyes!!!! She looks so petite. Is she smaller than the other girls at the same age?
Those eyes, those eyes!"

And yes, her eyes are currently a dark blue, like all her sisters. However, all her sisters' eyes turned various shades of brown around 6-9 months, so we'll see.

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