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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ergo Baby Carrier

I love my new Ergo Carrier! Like most newborns, baby F likes to be held most of the time, and prefers we be standing up and moving constantly as well, thank you. I was also wanting a carrier that we could use when we go to Disney World, and it had to be comfortable enough to carry a heavier baby in for hours at a time. A friend of ours has an Ergo and let us borrow hers to see if we liked it, and we were sold!

What do I like about it? It has wide, padded shoulder straps and a wide waist belt, so it really is comfortable to wear. Infants lay in it sideways with their feet to one side, and older kids sit in it with their weight resting on their bottom, not hanging from their crotch (I've always thought that must be terribly uncomfortable!). You can carry kids up to 40 pounds in it, so I've tried it with M (age 2), G (age 3 1/2) and even H (age 5) on my back like a piggy-back ride. It doesn't pinch their legs and they all really enjoyed it! It has an attached sleeping hood that can also be used as a sunshade, which comes in very handy when you forget to bring baby's hat to the park with you (phew!). We've walked around with F in the carrier for a couple hours at a time in the hot sun and she doesn't get sweaty and overheated. If anyone is in the market for a carrier, I highly recommend it!


mom99-02-08 said...

I have another recommendation for the Ergo!! I just got mine earlier this summer and *LOVE* it. I was using a Snugli, but it hurt my back after just a short time of use, so it wasn't comfortable for me. I, too, have wondered how comfortable it is for babies to be dangling by their crotch.

Ashley is 17 lbs now and I can carry her around for hours in the Ergo and its not tiring for me or my back. Its so easy to get them in and out. I usually have her in the Ergo when I go shopping. It keeps her happy to be next to me and there is more room in the shopping cart for all our groceries and stuff.

The Mom and Pop Place in Neenah carries them (along with other carriers and slings), so you can wear them a bit in the store with your baby before you buy it.

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