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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

S.O.U.L. Cards

S.O.U.L., which stands for Shine On Us Lord, is part of the SOUL Light Link Ministry in Quito, Ecuador. It is a card making ministry run by women in prison there. I first learned of this ministry a few years ago when a missionary came and talked to us about her work with the women in prison there, and I'd like to share it with you.

From my missionary contact:
"Women in prison and on parole make the cards so they can have money to live on. Nothing is provided for them in the system here and so without work the situation becomes very bad as you can guess. How does a woman get money when there is not even a blanket, personal items or anything provided? Whatever your mind comes up with is true! So women make cards and we sell them and with the money they are able to live. [The women] who make the cards are foreigners who attend our Bible Studies and most of whom have found new life and freedom in Jesus."

The cards are all handmade and hand lettered and are beautiful. On the back of each packet is a little information about the ministry. They are sold in packets of 5 cards for $10. This is one of the cards I had purchased from them in the past. It is hard to see the detail, but I assure you it is beautiful. The designs and sayings are varied, and they are usually blank inside.

Many of these women are solely dependent on the sales of these cards for basic needs for daily living, such as food, soap, and toilet paper. If you are interested in buying a packet of cards to support this ministry and help these women earn money in an honorable way and stay on a path that is pleasing to the Lord, please leave a comment or contact me.


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