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Thursday, May 7, 2009

May Week 1 Spending

It was hard, but I was able to meet my goal of staying under $40 at the grocery store this week. Because of items I was getting for free after doubled coupons, I did two transactions and doubled 8 coupons. I might have normally found 2 more coupons to double, but I didn't want to go over $40 just to double 2 more coupons. I'll admit it was hard restraining myself!

I did have to make a trip to Aldi because my in-laws were here this weekend and it seemed like we ran out of a lot of staple items at once! I told myself I only had $15 to spend there, though, so that kept me from stocking up too much. We are trying to use some of our stockpile instead of creating too much more.

In order to keep things in check, I passed up some deals at Target that I might have normally gone for, but that we didn't need. I also had to leave some items on my grocery list for next week in order to come in under $40, but we didn't need them for the meal plan this week and hopefully I'll be able to get them next week.

Week 1:
Groceries: $38.36 (34 items)
Aldi: $14.77 (17 items)
Walgreens: $1.98 (2 gallons milk, used RRs) (have $9.33 on gift card left)
CVS: $0.71 (2 wipes, 3 cereal, 2 detergent, misc.) (used $18.99 ECBs, have $7 ECBs left)

I'm glad some of you decided to challenge yourselves this month and make a savings goal as well! How are you doing? What strategies are you using to help you meet your goal?

If you haven't made a goal for May yet, it's not too late! How much would you like to save this month, maybe to put towards summer activities or vacation?
Leave a comment and we'll work on saving together!


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