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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Double Coupon Match-Ups

Wondering where to best use all those Kraft coupons? I have some match-ups here for ya! I'll list the regular price at my local grocery store, then the final price after doubling the coupon on Wednesday. Get all these items for $0.99 or less on double coupon Wednesday! Remember, you can only double 5 coupons per $25 transaction. I always split my groceries into at least 2 transactions so I can double more coupons. A tip to help you keep your 2 transactions separate: Put 2 grocery baskets inside your cart! Thanks, Caela!

**Note that all the final prices are after doubled coupon on Wednesday, so a $1 coupon will take off $2 (The BBQ sauce will only take off $1.69 since that is the regular price. The cream cheese will take off $1.98 since that is the regular price of 2 small bricks. They will only give overage if the item is on sale.)

$1 off Kraft BBQ sauce: $1.69= FREE

$1 off 2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese bricks: (small 3 oz bricks) $0.99= FREE

$1 off 2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese spread: $1.79= $0.79

$1 off 3 Jell-O Pudding or Gelatin boxes: $0.75-0.85= $0.25-0.55

$1 off Kraft Bagel-fuls: $2.55= $0.55

$1 off Premium Crackers: $2.29= $0.29

$1 off Nabisco 100 calorie packs: $2.29= $0.29

$1 off Velveeta Shells & Cheese or Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese: $2.29= $0.29

SALES THIS WEEK (prices after doubled coupons):

  • Crystal Light Drink Mix 3/$6, use $1 off coupon= FREE!
  • Triscuits and Wheat Thins, 5/$10, use $1 off coupon= FREE!
  • Kraft Dressing 3/$4.98, use $1 off coupon to get $0.34 OVERAGE! (coupon will take off $2 when doubled, sale price is only $1.66!)
  • Tombstone Pizza 4/$12, buy 4 and get a coupon for $3.50 off milk. DEAL: Use 2 $1 off 2 Tombstone coupons to pay $8, then get a coupon for $3.50 off a gallon of milk (it'll take off $3.50, so you will get overage on the milk.) = $4.50 for 4 pizzas and a gallon of milk!
  • Oscar Mayer Hot dogs 2/$3, buy 2 and use $1/2 coupon= $0.50 per pack!
  • Kraft Singles 2/$3, buy 2 and use $1/2 coupon= $0.50 per pack!
  • Honey Maid Grahams 2/$5, use $1 off coupon= $0.50! (Sweeten the deal by bringing in the competitor's coupon for FREE Jet-Puffed Marshmallows when you buy 2 Honey Maid Grahams--our grocery store accepts this competitor's coupons!)
  • Ritz Crackers 2/$5, use $1 off coupon= $0.50!
  • Kraft Shredded, Chunk, etc. Cheese 2/$4, use $1/2 coupon= $1 per pack!
  • Kraft Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise 2/$5, use $1 coupon= $0.50
Now my biggest problem is deciding which coupons to double this week! If you'd rather not bother with doubling coupons, or if your store doesn't double the $1 coupons, check out Money Saving Mom's list of match-ups at Walmart here, but don't assume that the prices will be better just because it is Walmart. Often, after doubling a coupon, the price will be lower at the local grocery store.

As usual, if you know of more match-ups, please leave a comment!


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