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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May Week 4 Spending

We're almost to the end of the month, so how did you do on your savings goals? I went to 2 stores this week, Target and the grocery store. Here are the totals:

Target: 4 candy bars, 2 trial size sunscreen, band-aids, and 2 packs of 10 cups each
Used: 4 Target coupons, 2 printables, and 1 from All You
Total: $1.21

Groceries: 3 gallons of milk, dishwasher detergent, paper towels, 4 Bagel-fuls (.55), 4 Ritz Toasted Chips (.50), Salad Finishers (free rebate item), 2 dozen eggs, bananas, strawberries, green beans, lettuce, grapes, peaches, yogurt (free), McCormick onion seasoning (free), ketchup (free), salad spritzer (free); 26 items in two transactions
Used: 14 coupons (only 10 were doubled; 8 were printables and 2 were for free product)
Total: $25.92! (and submit for $2.79 rebate)

Week 4 total: $26.13 (26 items plus Target)

Week 1: $55.82 (51 items plus CVS and Wags)

Week 2: $51.03 (25 items)

Week 3: $53.23 (55 items)

May Monthly Total: $186.21!

My intention was to shave $50 off my $275 budget by doubling less coupons at the grocery store. Well, that didn't work (especially last week when I doubled 20)! I've been trying to do less grocery stockpiling (it's hard to stop cold-turkey!) and we've been using more of what we have on hand. However, saying no to Walgreens and CVS has really helped my budget this month, and I was still able to surpass my goal! It's been fun to challenge myself to save!

Some of you left some savings goals for May in the comments. How did you do? Even if you didn't leave a comment earlier, but you challenged yourself to shave a little off your budget this month, I'd love to hear how much you saved and how you did it! Please leave a comment!


Drew said...

Way to go Jessica!

Janet said...

You did a great job cutting your budget!

Jessica-MomForHim said...

You are AWESOME!
Nice job shaving off the $$’s.

I love it when you can tell us how and what you use when you buy stuff. It’s really helpful. I have not yet done the double couponing yet. I made my list and pulled the coupons but got too busy to go. So I will have to try again next week.

Thanks so much for your blog. I love reading it and trying to utilize your tips and recipes ect.

Keep up the great work your doing, pleeeeease,


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