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Friday, May 8, 2009

How to Spend Less on Groceries

I've gotten some questions about how I am able to spend $275 a month or less on groceries for a family of 6, so I wanted to highlight a few tips to get you started.

Couponing (especially internet coupons and doubling coupons) helps a lot, but stockpiling when things are on sale (rock-bottom prices) is I think your best way to get bang for your buck, especially if you aren't good at couponing. Do you have an Aldi? They have better prices on some items, so I stop there usually once a month to stock up on staple items. Make a list of what items are cheaper there than at your grocery store.

Check on your store policies. Do they accept competitor coupons? Do they accept internet printable coupons? Do they double coupons? If so, what are the restrictions? The more you know, the more you can save!

Set a weekly dollar amount and shop with a list and a calculator. Stick to your list and use your calculator to keep a running total so you don't go over your budgeted amount. If you have to pass up a deal, remind yourself that it will come around again.

We do some meatless meals (at least once a week) which helps on the bill. Keep in mind my kids are young and don't eat a WHOLE lot yet! :-) We also don't have any food allergies, so we don't have to buy special food.

Hang around awhile and see if you pick up more tips! Check out the "Coupon 101" and "Couponing" tabs on the right side of my blog. Pick one store to try using more coupons until you get good at it. I'm here to help, so let me know if you have more specific questions! I do this to help other people save money! :-)

A question for you. . .would it be helpful to you for me to be taking pictures of what I buy each week, like Money Saving Mom does? I'll do it if it would be helpful to people, so let me know if you'd be interested in this.


Busy Mama said...

OOh I'd be interested in a picture! I"m definitely curious as to how you make that dollar amount stretch and still feed your family decent meals. I'm totally inspired by you! ;)

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