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Thursday, May 21, 2009

May Week 3 Spending

I did my double coupon shopping yesterday and there were GREAT deals to be had! I hope a lot of you were able to get in on the action, too!

I just couldn't pass up all the free stuff, so I did 4 transactions. I know, call me crazy, but I had 20 coupons I wanted to double! I wanted to do more, but I really had to keep my spending in check. I'm just hoping some of the deals I had to pass up will come around again. And I'm sure they will! ;-)

Even though I spent over my $40 self-imposed challenge, I counted the trip a huge success because I was able to do 4 separate transactions and keep my coupons in order, AND I did it with 2 kids in tow in less than an hour! Praise the Lord, F fell asleep on my back in the Ergo and H was a super-shopper! I spent about an hour planning my transactions at home before I went. I had things all divided up so that each transaction would be between $26-$28 before coupons. After coupons, my totals were $6.42, $18.31, $13.66, and $14.84 for a grand total of $53.23 for 55 items. I saved $54.72 just in coupons!

Among my deals were free Mtn Dew, Wheat Thins, Triscuits, Crystal Light, and marshmallows, and $0.50 graham crackers and sliced cheese and $1 shredded cheese. I had free coupons for the Kashi waffles and Cascade Rinse Agent that I used to help me get to $25 for one of the transactions. I also got a free gallon of milk after buying 4 Tombstone pizzas. (The pictures aren't of the 4 transactions, it's just how I laid stuff out. One of the milk gallons leaked all over the Mtn Dew on the way home, which is why that picture was taken outside.)

Week 1:
Groceries: $38.36 (34 items)
Aldi: $14.77 (17 items)
Walgreens: $1.98
CVS: $0.71

Week 2:
Groceries: $51.03 (25 items)

Week 3:
Groceries: $53.23 (55 items)

May Total so far: $160.08 and only a week and a half left to go! Since I was hoping to save $50 of my $275 monthly household budget, I'm on track! Even though I've been spending an average of $50 a week on groceries, I've been saying no to Wags and CVS, which honestly hasn't been hard for me the past couple weeks, even with the $5/$25 coupon at Walgreens today. I'm just not a fan of the Register Rewards, so now that they don't have the rebates anymore, I probably won't shop there as much. I'd like to go to Target, but I've been hesitant because I have not had good luck there with coupons and have left empty-handed and flustered too many times. I know there are deals to be had, so we'll see if I get up the courage to go before the month is out.

What about you? How are you doing with your May savings goals? Are you on track? What are you doing to save? I'd love to hear an update, so please leave a comment!


Jaime ~ For His Glory said...

I had a sucessful day couponing at Walgreens. I had the $5 for $25 coupon, plus $5 dollar register rewards. My total before my coupons was 54 dollars (I had already saved from some buy 1 get 1 items I had selected that were taken off automatically). With all the coupons from the paper and their ads my total came to $29.
I had 8 count Bounty papertowels, 2 packages of hotdogs, 2 packages of shredded cheese, 2 lysol toilet bowl cleaners, 2 Mr Clean Magic Erasers, 4 AA Durcell rechargeable batteries, all the makings for smores, 2 packs of walgreens brand storage bags, Vaseline intesive care lotion, and Listerine ~ I think that was it.

I was impressed with Walgreens this week but not so impressed at the grocery store; only saved 11.25 with coupons.

What store do you do your shopping at?

Claudia's Irish Eyes said...

Wow, great job!

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