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Friday, May 1, 2009

May Menu Planning

I started menu planning last fall and did it faithfully for three months, then lost it in December (due to our vacation and the holidays). I got back on the bandwagon in January and again did it for three months before losing it in April. This time I just never got around to printing off a new menu plan, and by the middle of April I declared it an experiment to again "fly by the seat of my pants".

It didn't go well.

It was a tough month, meal-wise. It added stress to my life that I had gotten used to not having around. 3:30 would roll around and I hadn't even THOUGHT about what to have for dinner most days. Then I would rack my brain trying to come up with something we could eat that would be quick and easy to prepare so I wouldn't have to ask Ted to pick up dinner on his way home (which did end up happening a couple times)! I cheated a few times and looked at last month's meal plan, but often found that I didn't have the ingredients for something or hadn't thawed something out.

SO, it's back to the meal plan I go! If I can spend one hour to avoid a whole month's worth of anxiety and stress in an area, it's probably a good idea. My meal plan is flexible--I frequently switch days or cross things out. But at least it's there when I need it, like a good friend! :-)


Jaime said...

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Jessica said...

Thanks, Jaime! I'd seen this offer on "the blogs" but hadn't gotten around to doing anything about it yet! But I'll get it posted! :-)

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