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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Prayer Request

Will you please join me in prayer for my dad this afternoon? His name is Jim and he will be going in for a triple bypass around noon. This picture of Grampie and F was taken on his birthday last weekend while we were visiting.

He was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in February and has had 4 chemotherapy treatments so far. He went into the hospital last Friday with severe heartburn and they found 3 major blockages in his heart. They tried to insert stints on Saturday but weren't able to because the blockages are severe. They did a cat scan and a pet scan on Sunday and Monday and found that his cancer is completely gone, which is a major answer to prayer! They need to do the heart surgery anyway, but it's nice to know that they won't have to worry about the cancer, so we praise the Lord for that.

I talked to my dad this morning and he is at peace and knows that everything is in the Lord's hands. He's very excited about being cancer-free and feels he'll make it through this fine as well. I appreciate your prayers and will let you know how it goes.


Andy and Katie said...

Praying for your Dad, your Mom and you, Jessica. Also, for the doctors!!!!!

Amber said...

I am praying for your dad, you and your entire family. These days can be tough, but just know your hand is being held by someone who knows so much more than we do.

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