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Friday, May 22, 2009

Free Chocolate Friday!

This summer, Mars wants to give you some free chocolate relief! Every Friday starting at 9am EST, register to get free chocolate! Click here and register for a coupon to redeem for a single-size package of M&Ms, Milky Way, Twix, Dove, Snickers, or 3 Musketeers!

If the site is too busy to load, come back in an hour or two. On the first day, I tried and tried right away in the morning, to no avail, but was able to get right in around noon and got my free chocolate. The second week I got right in and was done in about 15 seconds. There is a limit of one per email address per Friday, and an overall limit of 4 per household. So if your household has 4 email addresses, you could get all 4 of your candy bars in one day. If not, come back next week! They are giving away 250,000 coupons every Friday through September 25th! How sweet is that!?! :-)


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