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Sunday, December 14, 2008

We're Home!

We just returned from a 3+ week vacation, and it was GREAT! The girls were troopers, as we did A LOT of driving. It helped a lot that we had some time to rest between the long days of driving. Here's a quick review of our trip:

Day 1: About 12 travel hours in 4 states
Day 2-3: Visit with Ted's family
Day 4: About 18 travel hours in 4 states
Day 5-7: Visit with my family
Day 8: About 13 travel hours in 4 states
Day 9-15: Disney World with my side of the family
Day 16: About 13 travel hours in 4 states without Ted (we left him in FL for business)
Day 17-21: Visit with my family, Ted rejoined us in the evening of Day 20
Day 22: About 10 travel hours in 4 states
Day 23: About 10 travel hours in 4 states and ARRIVE HOME!
(I found it interesting that we drove in 4 states on each travel day!)

After over 60 hours of traveling in our minivan, we logged 4,325 miles! WHEW! We praise God for safety in our travels, for great times with family, and that we all still love each other after so much togetherness! :-) Seriously, though, I thought we would be SO DONE with traveling and all be more than ready to get home, but when it came time to leave, none of us wanted to! It was wonderful to have a true vacation, leaving schooling (and blogging and couponing!) at home for a nice long break. I'll try to post some more about our trip in the next few days as we get unpacked and organized and get pictures downloaded!


Amber said...

Wow! I don't even know what to say, that's CRAZY! It sounds like you guys had a great time - which is great, but WOW! That's ALOT of driving. We're planning on going to Disney World in February... any tips on driving with small kids?

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