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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Potty Training While Traveling

Is it worth it to potty train either right before a big trip or even during a vacation? I think it is. Though M seemed ready to start the process of potty training, I seriously considered putting it off until after our 3 week vacation because I thought there would be more setbacks than victories. We decided to start potty training her a few weeks before we left. As with all potty training, there were a few setbacks, but overall she was doing great. We even took a short road trip as a "practice run" a week and a half before "the big trip" and she did really well, not having any accidents in the car.

We brought a potty seat with us, just in case, and we did use it on the short trip. On the long trip we didn't end up using it in the car, but we did use it in our hotel room so she could go by herself. We decided to use Pull-Ups for when we would be in the car for long periods, as well as at night and during our Disney days. Sometimes you are waiting in line for a long time with no bathroom nearby and we didn't want her to be on a ride and have an accident. We did have wet Pull-Ups during the trip, but overall she did great and it still saved us money on diapers. (Not to mention it saved us having to pack as many diapers!)


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