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Monday, December 1, 2008

Homemade Baby Food

I like to make most of my own baby food (the fruit and vegetables--I don't do meat or cereal). It's very easy and very cheap, plus you know exactly what is in your baby's food. Just steam some fresh or frozen veggies (or prepare the fruit), add water and puree in a blender or food processor.

This bag of frozen green beans (12 oz) made about 20 oz. of baby food, or 20 ice cubes (easily portioned at 1 oz. each). Once they are frozen, I'll pop them into a freezer bag.

I had to buy some baby food to take along for convenience while traveling (ice cubes don't travel very well!), so I did a price comparison. Praise the Lord for good timing, the Gerber 1st Foods were on sale for .99 each (2 pack) and I used a doubled coupon (.75 off 3, doubled to $1.50 off 3), which made them only .49 for each 2 pack! This came to .10 per oz, after sale and doubled coupon. Not a bad price, but still more than double when making it at home.

The bag of veggies pictured above was BETTER THAN FREE after sale and doubled coupon. Hard to beat! But even if I just bought a bag of veggies without a coupon for .79 (a frequent sale price), the price per ounce would be under .04! Plus, look at the color difference between the packaged puree and the puree I made. Theoretically they both have only green beans and water, but if I had to eat one, I'd pick mine!


Charlene said...

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