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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Global Warming?!?

Global Warming?!? Not where I live!

I took this picture of the girls in front of the mailbox near the end of last February after we had been pummeled with snowstorm after snowstorm. We were running out of room to put the snow!

I took this next picture yesterday after digging ourselves out of the latest snowstorm. The snowbanks from shoveling the driveway are already piled as high as the mailbox, and allow me to point out that it isn't even officially winter yet!! We're supposed to get more snow today (they're saying 4-8 inches) and again on Sunday (2 more inches). Monday night and Tuesday night have the possibility of snow as well. Where are we supposed to put all this stuff? It's not easy to lob a shovel full of snow up so high!

I must say we REALLY appreciate our friends and neighbors who plowed us out while we were gone. We had said casually, "please shovel if it needs it", thinking it shouldn't be too bad. After all, we'd be back before the middle of December, and some years we hadn't gotten any snow until just before Christmas, or even later! We felt very bad when we heard how much it had snowed while we were gone.

Now you understand why we didn't want to come home from our vacation...!


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