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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cereal Opportunity

Our local grocery store has their special on cereal again! Buy 6 General Mills cereals at regular price, get $10 off your order and a coupon for $3.50 off milk! The best time to take advantage of this is double coupon Wednesday. Print some cereal coupons from my blue coupon bar above (if you haven't already) and also here, here and here, here, here, and here, here and here! (Sorry that was a lot of links, but there are lots of possible coupons out there!) I also have several $1/1 coupons from an Eat Better America mailer and some .75/1 coupons from the February All You issue, so you could check your coupon stash.

Buy 6 boxes of cereal (average $3.50 each) = $21 get $10 off = $11
Use 6 coupons (first 5 will be doubled) = $11 off (or less, depending on your coupons)
Get a catalina coupon for $3.50 off your next purchase of milk (will take off the whole $3.50, so put other items with the order)
= Almost free, Free, or Better than free cereal and milk!

*Note that you'll have to buy more items in order to get your coupons to double. The total before coupons has to be $25, and I'm pretty sure that has to be AFTER the $10 comes off.

I always save my Big G cereal coupons for this deal, which comes around every 2-3 months or so. This is how I build my cereal stockpile and never pay more than $1 for a box of cereal!

Don't eat cereal for breakfast? Consider using it for snacks (make "trail mixes"), cereal bars, or donate it to a shelter or church nursery. I guarantee any church nursery will welcome boxes of Cheerios!

*A printable coupon trick I learned: If you are trying to print a coupon in Firefox and one of the above links isn't working (for example it leads to a screen that says "Please Wait" and nothing happens), look in the address between the = signs where it says "=wi&o=". If you're using Firefox, replace the "i" with "g" so it looks like this: "=wg&o=" and then refresh the page and print. I don't know why it works, but it does every time!


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