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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was visiting my parents last weekend and we made a Walmart run. I bought 3 packages of pantyliners, 1 bottle of toilet cleaner, 1 jar of Pace salsa, and a package of Huggies. My subtotal was $20 (I don't think I've ever had it come out to $20 EVEN before!).

I had a coupon for free toilet cleaner from BzzAgent (for my parents), used 3 coupons for the pantyliners and paid .32 total for the three of them, used a $5 coupon on the Huggies (that my dad had printed off for me!), and had a $4 coupon from the Pace sweeps, which gave some overage because the salsa was only $2.84. After coupons, my total OOP was $5.24!

I will submit the receipt to Caregivers Marketplace to get a .75 rebate on the diapers, as well. Don't you just LOVE couponing?!?


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