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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Goldfish and Applesauce at Target

Guess what we're having for snack at my house?

There's a great deal on Goldfish crackers and Mott's Applesauce at Target. Go to A Full Cup and print off the $1 off Goldfish and $1 off Mott's Applesauce coupons (you can print 5 per page with the Target coupon generator). At my store the Goldfish are $1.79, making them .79 each after coupons. The Mott's 6-pack is $1.69, making them .69 after coupons. I bought a bunch to use for playdate snacks and to donate to our church nursery. Churches would welcome donations of Goldfish, because they are always a favorite snack! My kids were especially excited to find that Goldfish now come in chocolate, cinnamon, and honey flavors, in addition to lots of other kinds! I like that some are now made with whole grains.

*The Goldfish coupon expires this Saturday, so run out and grab some this week!
*The Renuzit pictured was also free after combining a $1 Target coupon and a $1 coupon from the 2/22 paper.
*The Mott's coupons are good until the 28th, so you've got some time on those yet! And make the deal even better by printing two of these .55/1 Mott's printables! Thanks Tara!


KG said...

Could you use the applesauce at a regular Target store or does it have to be at Super Target? Thanks!

Jessica said...

The coupons say SuperTarget, but you can use them at a regular Target as well. Good question!

4 Crazy Kids said...

I was able to use it for applesauce at my regular Target even though it said SuperTarget. The 6-pack at my Target was priced at $1.92 but still a good deal.

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