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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cash--Week 4

Here's my weekly cash only update. It's almost the end of the month!

Walgreens: $7.48
CVS: $0 OOP (used a gift card)

Groceries: $37.95
Aldi: $9.43
Walmart: $5.24 (more on that deal later!)

At the grocery store I used 2 printable coupons, 1 from the newspaper, 2 from the store, and 3 from All You. Glad to see that I'm saving some money from that subscription! My best deals were four free taco seasonings, some almost free juice boxes, and some cheap veggie chips and V8 soup. I also stocked up on sliced cheese, so we won't have to buy that for awhile! I was able to keep my total lower this week, which I was happy about (though I'll admit I would have spent more at Target and Walgreens if I'd been able to get what I wanted to. . .)

Week 4 Total: $60.10
Week 3 Total: $84.51
Week 2 Total: $76.65
Week 1 Total: $45.74

Total Spent: $267.00

There are a couple more days left in the month, and I usually do my Wags and CVS shopping on Tuesday if there are deals I am interested in, so those would have to come out of this month's grocery money. Thankfully, my grocery day is Wednesday, which will be the beginning of a new month! My goal was to keep things under $275 for the month, so if I'm careful, I should be able to do that. And knowing that I have only $8 left to spend should help keep me in check! :-)


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