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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cash Spending--Week 3

Buying with only cash and seeing how much is in the envelope to last the rest of the month does make me stop and think before I run out and grab something. I still ended up spending more this week, though. . . because I hit 4 grocery stores. I bought a few things on my fact finding trip at a "new-to-me" grocery store, went to Aldi to stock up on some staple items, spent less than usual at my grocery store, but then hit another store on Friday for a good deal on pasta and chicken. Lesson: Shopping at 4 grocery stores in one week isn't good for my wallet. Though some might say $80 isn't bad, it's more than I'm used to spending. If I can cut back next week, hopefully I'll still be okay for the month.

CVS: $1.04 (I should be refunded $1.69 next week when I go back)
Walgreens: $1.53
Target: $4.14 (more applesauce!)
My fact-finding grocery trip: $7.63
Aldi: $20.41
Groceries: $49.76 (at 2 more stores)

Week 3 Total: $84.51
Week 1 Total: $45.74
Week 2 Total: $76.65

Total Spent: $206.90

At Walgreens I used an RR from the diaper deal, at CVS I used ECBs, and at Target I used Target printables. At the grocery store I used 10 printables, 1 from All You, 1 from a mailer, 4 from the store's ad, 1 coupon that I won in playing the Kraft sweeps, and the $3.50 off Milk catalina from the cereal deal. At a different grocery store I used 10 in-store coupons.


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