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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I had a good week at CVS. I hadn't been in a few weeks, so I had some ECBs expiring that I had to use up. Here's what I got:

Dr. Pepper - FREE after coupon printed online
2 Cascade - $2.99 each, used 2 $1/1 cpns
Planters Peanuts - FREE with a coupon I won playing the Kraft sweeps in January
ACT mouthwash - .99, got .99ECBs
Aquafresh toothpaste - $1.49, used $1.25 cpn printed online
Fusion Razor - $7.99, used $4 cpn, got $4 ECBs (free after ECBs)
EAS chocolate bar - FREE with a coupon I got in the mail
6 Zone Perfect Bars - These ended up being .70 total after cpns printed online
2 NasoGel - $7.99 each, used 2 $2/1 cpns printed online, got $16 ECBs with a raincheck (better than free after ECBs!)

PLUS, I scanned my card at the magic coupon machine and it gave me a $5/$20 purchase that I was able to use to sweeten the deal!

Subtotal: $48.60
Used $30.51 in coupons
OOP: $18.09 (before I used my ECBs and gift cards to pay)
ECBs earned: $20.99!!

I didn't actually spend any money OOP because of the gift cards. I had earned a $5 CVS gift card by doing surveys online and I won an American Express gift card by playing the Nabisco sweeps in December. But that's another post. . . !


Anonymous said...

nice. I'll have to tell Lana -- she likes to know what others save...

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering are these things that you get with your coupons all things that you use? It seems like you get an awful wide variety of so many different products and often times doubles of things. Do you have a storage system of some sort for the products? Do you only get things that you use on a regular basis? Just curious, I know you've shared on how you organize the coupons and posted pics of the products you get - but how about the storage of the actual products.

Jessica said...

Good questions. I'll try to write up a post soon with some answers! :-)

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