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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CVS Trip

I went to CVS to roll some ECBs from my last trip a couple of weeks ago.

Colgate (free after ECBs)
Palmolive (free after coupon)
2 Nutra-Trim Gum (free after ECBs)
Irish Spring Body Wash (better than free after coupon and ECBs)

I was able to use 2 $1 coupons that I received in the mail from the Colgate promotion (for the Palmolive and the Irish Spring).

Used $16.00 ECBs from my last trip
Paid $1.04 OOP
Still have $4.99 ECBs from my last trip
Received $15.98 in new ECBs

I used grocery cash to pay my OOP (should have used the gift card, but I forgot!), but when I got home I realized that she had rung up something wrong, so next week when I go back I will get a refund of $1.69, which can go back into my grocery money!


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