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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sweeps--You Can Win!

I have to let you guys in on a "not-so-secret". There are sweepstakes that YOU can win! Heather at Freebies 4 Mom has the most winnable sweeps listed on her sweeps page. I've bookmarked her sweeps page and take about 5 minutes a day (most days) to enter a few sweeps. I don't enter all of them, because some require a few more hoops to jump through, but several only take a minute to enter each day, and you CAN win! I usually choose about five to play at any given time.

By playing a few sweeps a day, I have won some things! It's so fun! I've won many small bags of chips from Subway, some free salsa from Pace, coupons for free products from Kraft, a $20 gift card from Coke, and a $50 gift card from Nabisco! (I've been using this to lower my OOP at CVS) No, I don't win something from all the sweeps, but I've won enough that it feels worth 5 minutes of my time.

Most of these sweeps require some sort of code from a product, but Sweeties Sweeps looks into the official rules for us and finds us free codes to use to enter (totally legit, since the sweeps say "no purchase necessary"). Heather gets this info from Sweeties Sweeps and then posts them in a list format that makes it easier to click and enter. You might think since you are using "free codes" that you wouldn't be likely to win, but I obviously have, and so have lots of others!

I do suggest setting up a separate email account to use for your sweep entries, so you don't fill your email with spam or "thanks for entering" emails. You will need access to this account, though, since your winning info is frequently sent there. I set up a free account at, or you could also use gmail or yahoo or others.

If you start playing the sweeps and win something, please come back and leave a comment! I'd LOVE to hear what you win!


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