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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cash Only--Week 2

I was thankful that my Walgreens gift card was recharged in time to use it for the diaper deal, so I didn't have to dip into my grocery money for that. I did go to Target and spent $20.66. Groceries this week were $55.99. I know I went over, especially at Target, but I rationalized that I hadn't spent much last week. I guess we'll see how the rest of the month goes! We're almost halfway there!

Week 1 Total: $45.74 (groceries and Walgreens)
Week 2 Total: $76.65 (groceries and Target)
Total Spent: $122.39

At the grocery store I used 7 printable coupons, 2 coupons from the newspaper, 1 peelie I found on a product at the store, and 1 store coupon. I also submitted for a $6.99 rebate. At Target I used Target printable coupons, 1 newspaper coupon, 2 coupons I got in the mail, and 2 printable Mott's coupons.


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