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Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Like Dogs

I'm sure some of you are "cat people" and some of you are "dog people". I come from "dog people" and I married Ted who comes from "cat people", but right now we're just "kid people" (meaning we're busy enough raising kids and don't feel we need a pet just yet!)

I heard a "Lighten Up" snippet on the radio by Ken Davis awhile ago talking about cats and dogs. I'm going to butcher it in the retelling since I'm not a comedian, but I thought he had a good point, so bear with me while I try anyway!

The attitude of a cat is thus: You feed me, you pet me, you put a roof over my head. I must be god!

The attitude of a dog is the opposite: You feed me, you pet me, you put a roof over my head. YOU must be god!

Dogs are faithful. They have a loving attitude of worship and service. They want to spend time with their owners. Cats are independent. They come to you when they need something or when they feel like it. Do you see where I'm going with this?

In relation to our creator, many people are like cats. They may not recognize that it is God who has fed them, cared for them, and put a roof over their head. They have an attitude of independence, though they may call out to God in times of need.

Let me challenge you to be more like a dog in your Christian walk. Realize that all you have is from God. He made you, He loves you, and He provides for you. Our attitude should be one of worship and service and faithfulness, and we should WANT to spend time with Him.

Please no hate mail from the cat owners out there! I have nothing against cats. I know they are lovable creatures. Realize that if you act like a cat towards God, He still loves you, too. Are you more like a cat or a dog in your attitude towards God?


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