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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cereal Stock-Up

Today's the day to stock up on cereal! Our local grocery store has their deal where you buy 6 boxes of General Mills cereal and get $10 off, plus a coupon towards free milk ($3.75). Print off some coupons and go get some free, nearly free, or better than free cereal! Here's my plan:

Buy 6 boxes of cereal (assume around $3.25 each) = $19.50 get $10 off = $9.50
Use 6 coupons for .75 off (5 will be doubled) = $8.25
Total OOP approximately $1.25 for 6 boxes plus get a coupon for $3.75 off milk!

The $3.75 milk coupon will take off the whole amount, even if your gallon of milk is $2.89, so make sure to either get more than one milk, or put some more items with the milk to get the whole coupon value. I haven't been to the store yet, so I'm not sure exactly how much each box costs, but even if they are $4 each, this is still a good deal. If they are $3 each, you'll be paid to buy cereal and milk! So go build your cereal stockpile!

*Note that you'll have to buy more items in order to get your coupons to double. The total before coupons has to be $25, and I'm pretty sure that has to be AFTER the $10 comes off.


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