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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Tooth

F got her first tooth today! I knew it would be coming any day now, since H and G both got theirs at 7 1/2 months as well. (I thought M did too, but when I looked at her baby book today, I guess her first tooth was at 9 months. Good thing I wrote it down!)

In other F news, she's been working on the sippy cup. She really liked chewing on this soft one, but it resulted in lots coming out but mostly dribbling and making a mess, so I never knew how much she was actually drinking. She's now learning how to actually suck on one with a little firmer top.

Her eyes are definitely changing to brown, though the process isn't complete. Oh well. I keep hoping for a child with Daddy's beautiful blues, but my dominant browns keep taking over!


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