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Monday, January 19, 2009

Pain is Good!

Ted's parents requested some hot sauce that Ted had bought for them many years ago. They couldn't quite remember the name, but Ted knew what the bottle looked like, thought it had something to do "pain" and "batch 37". Don't you love Google? It immediately popped up with the right one! The sauce is called "Pain is Good-Batch #37".

Ted was so excited to receive his bottle and dove right in. He likes to pour a couple of drops straight onto a chip. The girls think it's hilarious when Daddy gets a good burn and his eyes start watering or he slaps the table with a "Hoo-hoo! Oh, that's good!"

Here are some pictures of Ted and the girls imitating the guy on the bottle while Ted was enjoying some of his new hot sauce one night after dinner.

Hope added a picture of the hot sauce bottle and chips to her notebook menu and the girls had fun for several days putting pretend hot sauce on pretend chips and running around saying, "Hot! Hot!" They'd ask me if I wanted some chips with hot sauce -- "Sure, I'll take zero drops, please!"

I finally got brave enough to taste a *teeny* bit on a chip. Though I could barely taste the flavor of it, I could sure feel the burn! I ate all my lunch after that, and could still feel the burn, so I just can't imagine having more than that! No matter--more for him!

Because I had been brave enough to taste his hot sauce, Ted bravely took a bite of my homemade honey yogurt. He said it was good, but I don't think he's a believer quite yet. No matter--more for me and M! She LOVES my honey yogurt!


Lora said...

Hi Jessica,
I wanted to let you know I love your blog. You've got great info and tips. You are amazing to do all this and have 4 kids at home. Keep it up!


Jennifer said...

I'm loving the pictures of the girls!

Jessica said...

Thanks SO much for the encouragement, ladies!! I appreciate it! :-)

Jessica said...

Krista said:
"this was a great post!!!!"

Thanks, Krista!

Anonymous said...

I picked up some of that hot sauce for Bill and it's been in the cupboard for a long time... just brought it out last night and Bill said "wow that's hot! my calves are even sweating!!" but that didn't stop him from digging in... he LOVES IT!


Dennis Yu said...

Jessica-- love Ted and family's faces!
We featured you on our Facebook page:

Thanks so much for sharing!


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