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Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Yogurt!

Mmmm, we've really been enjoying my crockpot yogurt! Since no one got sick from the last batch (I wasn't worried, but some may be mildly concerned, or "wigged out", as the case may be!), I decided to make some more and tweak a few things in the recipe. This time I didn't stir in any dry milk (I forgot!), I used half 1% and half 2% milk, and I only let it sit for 13 hours. It still worked great! Because I was curious, here's some numbers:

32 oz Dannon plain yogurt = $2.77 (which yields 8 starters of 4 oz each = .35 per batch)
1 gallon of milk = $2.50 (which yields 2 batches of yogurt = $1.25 per batch)
1 batch equals 68 oz of yogurt = $1.75 (including estimated energy?), or .02 per oz!
The 32 oz Dannon plain = .08 per oz
Even when I get a 4 pk of Activia for .55 after doubled coupon, that is still .03 per oz.

So besides being yummy, it's even cost-efficient! And my yogurt only contains milk, yogurt cultures, and whatever I decide to add (like honey or fruit). No high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, or artificial colorings. And honestly, it's not hard. 10 minutes to boil, 10 minutes to cool, and then mix and let sit. I have a new favorite hobby! ;-)


Cap said...

Because it contains 1 and 2% milk, you might also look at the fat content and try to figure the nutritional end.

And I'm afraid I'm with Ted. Milk standing out all night. Whoa. I know it's good bacteria and cultures, but... my brain starts fracturing.


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