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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Walgreens Run

I did take advantage of the $5/$20 coupon today. Here's what I scored:

*L'Oreal Age Perfect Radiance Perfector (minus $2 coupon)
*Almay One Coat Mascara
2 Gallons of Milk (kids drink lots of milk)
*4 Bags of Fun Size Peanut M&M's (minus 2 $1 printables) - I also had a Wags coupon that didn't work
*AirWick Freshmatic (minus $4 printable)
*2 Glade Plug-Ins (minus BOGO printable)
OxiClean (babies make lots of stained laundry!)
*Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel (minus $2 printable)

Total OOP after coupons and tax: $41.24
*Submit for Oct. and Nov. rebates: $37.48

Total after rebates: $3.76!!

Isn't this fun? How did you take advantage of the coupon this weekend? Leave a comment!


Jenn said...

I thought I'd give it a try and just made a quick trip for new makeup. I got:

*L'Oreal Age Perfect Radiance Perfector (without the $2 coupon - bummer)
*Almay One Coat Mascara
*L'Oreal cleansing towlettes
*Rimmell Lasting Finish Foundation
* 2 Rimmell Eye Shadows (BOGO)

Total OOP w/$5 coupon and BOGO and tax $45.21
Submitted for Oct/Nov Rebates $42.46

total OOP - $2.75 (and just the SALES TAX was $2.76!!!)

Jessica said...

Way to go, Jenn!! :-)
Question: Do you actually use the makeup, because I don't wear makeup. I only buy it if I make money buying it (like with the $5 coupon and other coupons, I used the overage to pay for the other things I needed, like milk and OxiClean). I suppose I'll throw away the old makeup I have and save this new makeup for sometime when I HAVE to wear makeup! :-)

Jenn said...

I definitely will use the moisturizer and cleanser towelettes. The moisturizer may be a little much for my skin but I already cleared it with my mom that if I didn't like it she'd certainly use it. I pretty rarely go all out with makeup - if I use it it's just mascara and lipgloss - so the foundation and eye shadows may be a little lonely in the vanity for a while. BUT I figured I would do the same as you and throw out my old stuff and use this for those "extra special occasions" where foundation and eye shadow are needed...especially since the stuff I have now I think I purchased when we had a magazine picture taken in March of 2003. (Yes, it's really that old; I don't wear makeup very often at all, as you can see!:})

I have to tell you, though, I went back AGAIN last night and made another purchase JUST because of the rebates that I had never heard of before your blog...we had decided to get my inlaws a digital camera for Christmas and I noticed last night that the model I had seen at Walmart for $119.84 was on sale for $99.99 AND it has a November rebate...then I saw they have a 7inch digital frame on sale and with rebate too and thought "hmmm...that would be a nice touch." I looked around on the internet for awhile and found the frame priced at about $84.99 (on amazon, so I could probably find it cheaper somewhere...but this is just for reference) So I went and bought the camera AND a digital frame for them for Christmas. Certainly not the 'sales tax only' kind of a deal. But a Christmas deal nonetheless:

Camera ($99.99, a $19.85 savings) and digital frame ($69.99, a $15 savings) plus tax was $181.03 OOP

By submitting for November rebates in the amount of $50.00 total OOP drops to $131.03.

Had I bought the camera at walmart as planned I would have spent about $127.63 (estimating the 6.5% sales tax) so basically I got the digital frame as a 'bonus gift' for the inlaws for $3.40!

Sorry for the mega long comment; you don't have to post it, I just didn't have an email for you so I had no other way to contact you and I was really excited and wanted to say THANKS!!!! Your blog is fantastic! :)

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