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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crazy for Coupons! Part 6 - Price List

As you scan the ads today and scope out the sales, evaluate the sale prices to see if they are real sales or "fake sales". How do you tell a real sale from a fake one? Start a price list for the items you most frequently shop for. You can either start writing down sale prices and then track them over the next 2 months, or you can go through your receipts from your past shopping trips and start making a list of the lowest price you paid for an item. Your price list is going to look different from mine because we may shop at different stores or for different types of items, so keep this in mind. I just started my price list, so it is in process and may not have the lowest sale prices reflected yet, but just to give you an idea, here are a few prices I've got on my list.


Grapes .99 lb.

Potatoes .25 lb.

Baby Carrots .88 lb.


75% lean hamb 1.89 lb

Chicken Breast 1.98 lb.


1 % Milk 2.50

Yogurt .35

Crescent Rolls 1.66

Shredded Cheese 2 lb 6.99

Tortillas 1.05


Spag Sauce .98

Pasta .88

Pasta mixes 1.00

Crm Soup .49

Oatmeal 1.79

Cake 1.00

Frosting 1.00

Bread 1.00

Chex Mix/Bugles 1.00 (get free with dbld cpn)

Mtn Dew 12 pk 2.00

Cereal .50 box or FREE --Sept. Deal: 6 boxes - $10 off & $4 milk


Garlic Bread 1.99

Pizza 2.50

Bag Veggies .88

Get the idea? Start your own list and think about putting it in your coupon binder so that you can write down a few prices while you are in the store. If you have it with you and see an item on sale that wasn't advertised, you can consult your price list to see if it is truly a good price or not. Hopefully this will help you get started! I hope you find even lower sale prices than I have, and if you do, please let me know so I can adjust my list accordingly!


KG said...

You've inspired me to start clipping coupons and taking advantage of some of the deals - thanks for the tips!

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