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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Fun!

It's that time of year! Here are some pictures of fall fun in the leaves!

Here's H posing with a couple of her ladybug friends. She has one on her hand and one on her back leg. They were everywhere that day, which meant that even after they helped rake the leaves, the girls didn't want to jump in them for fear of squishing their many ladybug friends! Clearly more looking going on than jumping!

The ladybugs weren't quite as plentiful a couple days later in the backyard (though G is clearly focusing on one in the picture on the right), so in the leaves they went, happily getting buried as we raked around them!

H and M wanted me to rake the leaves like a princess dress, so here are the leaf princesses!

Even F got in on the raking action, thanks to our Ergo!
Did I mention we love that thing?!? :-)

This is my favorite accidental shot of the day: G throwing leaves at me! I don't know how she got the leaves up so high, and I love that you can clearly see the smiling faces of G, H, and Ted. Click on the picture to enlarge it so you can see the sheer joy on their faces. H, G, and M spent the next 20 minutes throwing leaves at me, trying to get another shot like this one. We didn't get another good one (the timing was off, or the leaves weren't high enough, or the picture was blurry. . .), but we all had a great time laughing!

And a couple days later. . .we left the leaves in a pile and the girls have had fun going out there to play in them. I took a few pictures of them, then came back in to put some laundry in the dryer (since my washing machine works again!), and when I came back out, M was walking around with no shoes and only one sock! I've looked everywhere for it, but I'm afraid either the lawn mower will find it or it will be raked into the compost pile. Maybe it will become a home for some animals this winter, kind of like the story The Mitten.


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