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Thursday, October 9, 2008


My house has never smelled so good, all thanks to Glade and Walgreens! Between their sales, coupons, and rebates, I have been able to get all sorts of nice-smelling candles, plug-ins, and cleaning supplies, all for free or better than free!

This week at Walgreens, get Glade 4 oz. candles, Carpet/Room Deodorizer, PlugIns Scented Gel, and Wisp Flameless Candles for free or better than free after coupons, rebates, and RRs. These are items I wouldn't normally buy, but if they want to give them to me for free, or better yet, pay me to buy them, who am I to argue?!

If you don't have the coupons for these items right now, don't worry. Walgreens had similar deals last month (and probably the months before that). So next time you see a Glade coupon, hold onto it to freshen up your home for free!


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