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Monday, October 27, 2008

Target Run

I made a quick Target run to use some coupons that were going to expire at the end of the month. I keep my eyes open for coupons that say "$1 off ANY" because that means I can use it on a trial size. The coupons usually beep at the register because the item is .99 and the coupon is $1 off, so I politely point out to the cashier that I do have the item and that the coupon says "ANY" and doesn't exclude trial sizes, then she manually clicks the coupon through. I don't use coupons that say "exclude trial sizes" or have a minimum size (like 4 oz.), but I don't have a problem using coupons that say "any size" on trial sizes. The manufacturer knows which products are out there and which coupons are out there, and puts limitations on their coupons accordingly.

So here's what I scored, mostly to bring along on our upcoming vacation:

NutriPal Bars $2.99 (minus $1 coupon)
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser .99 (minus .50 coupon)
Shout Wipes .97 (minus $1.50 printable)
2 Tide .97 each (minus 2 $1 coupons)
St. Ives Lotion .97 (minus $1 coupon)
2 Kids Crest w/ toothbrush .99 each (minus 2 $1 coupons)

Total OOP after tax: $2.18

Note that I would have had overage if I had only bought the travel-sized items. I personally prefer to buy an item (like the NutriPal bars) to use up the overage. It's possible they would pay me money out of the register, but I've never tried (and would probably feel weird). I've gotten a negative balance at CVS before, but they just adjusted the amount of my coupons to bring my total to $0.00 instead of paying me overage. So that's why I prefer to buy something else to use up the overage. I figure I'm raising enough eyebrows already!

So when you go through your coupons to see which ones expire this weekend, see if you have any that would be okay to use on a trial-sized item!


Cap said...

Hey Jessica!

Here's something I thought you'd like. 23 Surprising Things You Can Get For Free.,21861,1697911-1591814,00.html

The pages took a little bit to load and I've got DSL, so don't be worried.


Kristin B said...

I never thought about buying a trial size......hmmmmmmmmmmm..thanks for the idea!

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