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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weekly Groceries

It was a good week for double coupons at Roundy's this week, especially with the extra store coupons from the coupon book that came with Sunday's paper. The cereal deal worked fine as usual, and I would have done it more than once except that we already have enough cereal (plus some to donate)!

These items were free: Chex x2, Total x2, Kix x2, Kashi (free coupon from Vocalpoint), Frosting x3, Philadelphia cream cheese minis, Keebler cookies, Nature Valley Nut Clusters x4, and 2 gallons of milk.

These items were $1 or less: Cascadian Farm cereal x2, Goldfish x2, Cake mix x5, Warm delights, Go-gurt x2, margarine, eggs, cottage cheese, carrots, flour, Armour sausage, Ragu, and hairspray.

I also bought batteries, apples, bananas, hash browns x2, Tostitos, Brownberry bread, ice cream, and 3 more gallons of milk.

My Roundy's total was $40.76 with a savings of $97.35, or 70%. My overall total for the week was $57.99, including a trip to get some chicken, strawberries, and other items that were on sale at another store last weekend (and I had my kids with me, which is why there are a few impulse buys!). I went a smidge over this week, but the last two weeks were both low, so I'm still on track for the month, with an average weekly spending of $47.49.What did you score this week? Did you do the cereal deal or get other free items? Let me know in the comments!


Kristi said...

Wow, you always do so great every week. How many transactions did you end up doing? You are so lucky, they were out of most everything they had for the store coupons. I look forward to seeing next weeks purchases. Thanks.

Andrea said...

Okay girl...great job again!

The only thing I see "wrong" is that box of Jiffy Corn muffin mix...I know it's super cheap, but get a bag of cornmeal! :) You can make muffins, cornbread, use it to sprinkle on a pizza pan, make's endless! :)

Then again, Jiffy mix is around a quarter still, right? I lived on that stuff and the blueberry muffin mix when I had a $70 food budget per MONTH in college. Good times. :)

Kristi S. said...

I got the cereal deal, so 6 boxes of gm cereal=$4.18 or .70/ea (plus free milk), I also got 2 boxes of cascadian farms cereal .50/ea
then got 4 boxes of cake mix, 2 frosting, and a box of garlic potatoes. all together was $9.17

2nd trans was more...
6 grands had -1.00/2 couponsx3! and 2 free dozens of eggs.
2 bags of sunchips -1.00x2 (on display), keebler cookies (free),
bread, grape jelly, franks hot sauce (free), ice cream, milk, deli ham, 4 pizzas
all together that was $23.83

grand total $107.69
saved $ 74.69
*Paid* $ 33.00

*I did really good 2 or 3 wks ago on super doubles and was pretty stocked up, that wk I did 3 trans. got $235 of grocerys for $66.*

cassie said...

great job, lots of good deals this week!

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