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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekly Groceries Part 1

I braved the store with 3 of the 4 kids this morning while M was in preschool. I only did 2 transactions, and will probably go back later today to do at least one more. I mostly wanted to get the yogurt and smoothies before they ran out. I usually go later at night after Ted is home from work, and often they run out of those items. Usually I just get a raincheck and don't worry about it, but this being super-doubles week with 10 coupons, I didn't want to take the chance. So here are the two transactions I did this morning.

Transaction #1: YoPlus yogurt x 5, Fiber One yogurt x3, Yoplait Delights x2, 3 lbs. boneless skinless chicken breast, Yoplait Smoothie, and SnackPack pudding x3. Used yogurt coupons x9, Pudding coupon x1, and free Smoothie coupon I got in the mail. Also got a bag refund of $0.10. Total after coupons: $3.25

Transaction #2: Milk x2, 3 lbs. boneless skinless chicken breast, Yoplait Smoothie x3, Lunchables Subs x2, Fiber One yogurt x4, and Yoplait Delights. I used yogurt coupons x5, smoothie raincheck and smoothie coupons x3, and Lunchables coupons x2. I also got $0.10 bag refund and $1 personal perks refund. Total after coupons: $5.76

One cool thing was that while we were getting the yogurts (don't worry, they were restocking the shelf when I left so there is still plenty!), H asked if we could buy some Yo-Crunch yogurt. I told her we could get some if I got a coupon for it. When I bought my yogurts, I got a catalina for a FREE pack of Yo-Crunch! I showed H and told her God must have heard her ask for some! :-)

Total so far today: $9.01. I will update you after I have finished my shopping, either tonight or tomorrow, but I wanted to get this out today because people have asked for a breakdown of my transactions to see how I do things.


Kristi S said...

Wow! you always amaze me! I just got done putting groceries away and had to see if you blogged yours yet, I was a little bummed after my trip only because I could of saved even more $ than I did if I had done a 3rd transaction, but it was because my coupons that say dnd did, on the creamette deal some boxes have $1/2 coupons and they all doubled but I did not get my free milk and it looks like the cashier might of missed a box so back there I go later and hey maybe I will even sneak another transaction in there! I did get $172 of groceries for around $54!

Kristi F. said...

Thank so much for showing us how you did each transaction. I'm amazed at how you can have so little $ out of pocket. I'm bummed this week, I did three transactions 47.00 with savings of 89.00. I'm one week behind you and a lot of the coupons I would have liked to use expired at the end of February. What do you do with all that yogurt? My family is burned out on it.

Lene said...

I did not make it to the store until 8:30 PM and the shelves were bare! I had planned on three transactions (2 stores) and ended up doing only one.
No Yoplus, Delights, grapes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, McCain frozen potatoes... All the stuff that would have been free was gone.
I walked in the house with 2 full bags of groceries for $10.00 and I complained to my husband this was the worst shopping trip since I began couponning :(
On the flip side: 2 months ago I would have thought I scored great only spending $10.00 on sooo much stuff :))
AND I remembered asking for my rainchecks this time!

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