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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to Determine Percentage Saved

Stephanie asked a good question that some of you also might be wondering, so I thought I would share. She asked how I determine my percentage savings each week. Of course this number is going to be a little bit high, since it goes off of regular price, and most of us don't ever pay regular price, right? :-) But it gives us something to measure, and something to shoot for.

How to determine your percentage savings:
Savings (as added up on the bottom of the receipts--where it says SAVINGS under your total)
divided by
Savings + OOP (out of pocket, what you actually paid)

To give you an example, on the bottom of one of my receipts (the cereal one from last week), my total OOP was $2.26. Under that it says my savings was $27.73 ($14.74 in coupons and rainchecks, $10 off for the cereal deal, $2.69 from a BOGO sale, and $0.30 from a sale on the margarine--this apparently doesn't include the $0.10 I saved by using my own bags).

So to determine my percentage saved for this receipt:
divided by
for a savings of 92% (plus I got the $3.25 milk catalina--those cereal deals are AWESOME!).

Does that make sense? Any other reader questions I can answer?


Together We Save said...

Hey Jessica, You asked me a question about Cellfire Coupons. No they don't double but since they just come off at the register you can still use paper coupons too. I have a friend who uses them and shopped the deal at kroger last week and it actually paid for most of her tax too. That is big in Tennessee because our is 9.75 %.

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