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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weekly Groceries Part 2--Total $35.49

I did go back to the store last night and did two more transactions. I didn't divide these up for the picture. Together, I spent $26.48 on these two transactions. Added together with yesterday morning's trip, I spent $35.49 total for the week.I used doubled coupons for Kraft singles x4 (2 coupons), Ortega taco seasoning x2 (1 coupon), Betty Crocker potatoes x3, Knorr Sides x6 (2 coupons), Cream of Wheat x2, Sara Lee Wheat bread x3, Act II popcorn x2, Hunt's pasta sauce x2 (1 coupon), and Hungry Jack pancake mix x2 (1 coupon), for a total of 17 coupons, plus $0.20 off for bringing my own bags. I also had a BOGO free coupon for the Purex sheets, which were marked down 50% off--low enough that I'm willing to give them a try! I also got more milk, more chicken breasts, bananas, and some jumbo pasta shells.


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